eDataProcessing System

The eDataProcessing System is designed to provide a custom solution for automated processing of your electronic files.   By utilizing our core processing service we can quickly customize our solution to meet your specific needs in; supported file formats; data validation and backend storage requirements.

The eDataProcessing system runs as a Windows service processing files as they appear in monitored folders. All files are processed in real-time as they arrive, providing your team with instant access to the processed information.

To better understand the how the eDataProcessing System works please review our eDataProcessing Flow Chart page.

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File Formats

  • Excel, CSV, Text, XML
  • Industry EDI Standards
  • Custom File Formats
  • Image Processing

Backend Support

  • Conversion to Application Import Format

The eDataProcessing System is licensed on a yearly contract basis for use within your organization. When hosting on your own server you can install the service on as many systems as required to balance the processing load.

  • $8695.00 1st year
  • 1 Year License with a single file format configuration included.
  • Unlimited phone, email and remote support for licensed customers.
  • Yearly renewal fee $4,995 as of 9/1/2014 (5% discount on renewal fee when purchasing mulit-year license + any savings from price increases for prepurchased years.)
  • Optional: eSoftWorldWide hosting fees for your eDataProcessing Service are based on the number and size of the files processed each monthly.  eSoftWorldWide will provide a estimated monthly cost for hosting services prior to you placing your order.
  • eSoftWorldWide will quote the cost for any additional file formats to be processed by the eDataProcessing Service.

System Integration

The eDataProcessing System is a Windows service that you can host on your own server or purchase hosting support from ezTechDirect.

When you license the eDataProcssing service eSoftWorldWide will configure the service to process your file(s) with all validation and backend upload functionaly per your specifications. Your first year licensing fee will include all necessary configuration to the eDataProcessing System for a single file format. Additional file format configurations will be quoted prior to you placing your order.

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Self Hosted

Selecting to host the service on your server will allow us to customize the service to provide seamless integration with your current system. This will provide you with direct access to your backend system without having to open it up to external access and gives you full control to process files from any location on your network.

  • Windows 7, 8, Server 2008 or higher.
  • System account with rights to run services, access file folders and update backend system.
eSoftWorldWide Hosting

For a fast and worry free setup of the eDataProcessing System, eSoftWorldWide can host your service and provide ofsite processed of your files.

When using our hosting service we ensure that your system is always using the latest version of our eDataProcessing System, monitor uptime and report any occurrances of invalid file entering the system.

Processed information can be compiled into a new file format supported by your existing data entry system or uploaded directly into your backend system providing external access is available.

Includes an FTP account and configuration to upload files for processing.