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In todays world we don't realize how connected we are to information until our access is interupted.   Having and maintaining your network is the best way to reduce the risk of losing your connection when you most need it.   ezTechDirect will help you with any size networking need from a small home wireless router that you need configured and secured to the new office your business is moving into and you need to setup a full coverage with wired and wireless access points.    Contact us today to discuss how we can keep you connected and informed.

Wireless Neworks

  • Setup & Configuration
  • Full Location Coverage
  • Mobile Device Access

Wired Networks

  • Hardware Sales & Service
  • Wire Installation
  • Setup & Maintenance

Streaming Media

  • Access Point Setup
  • Multiple TV Support
  • Media Center PCs


  • Bandwidth Analysis
  • Service Provider Issues
  • Domain/DNS Support

Understanding Wireless Networking

Make Sure Your PCs Are Wireless - Most laptops today have built-in wireless networking connections. If yours doesn't, you'll need to install a wireless network adapter card, which is typically inexpensive and easy to use.

Pay Attention to Location- The signal generated from each wireless access point or router extends up to approximately 300 feet. Walls, metal (such as in elevator shafts) and floors can negatively affect range. And the wireless signal's strength weakens the longer it has to travel. For best results, space out your access points and position them in central areas. Tip: Access points can provide stronger signals when installed on or near ceilings.

Secure Your Network - Security is vital to wireless networking. Some security methods to consider for your network include:

  Data encryption, so only authorized users can access information over your wireless network

  User authentication, which identifies computers trying to access the network

  Secure access for visitors and guests

  Control systems, which protect the laptops and other devices that use the network.

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