About Our Company

Kenneth S. Thompson
President, eSoftWorldWide.

Ken has over 30 year experience in the software industry working in all aspects of project management, design and development.

His vision for eSoftWorldWide is not to develop software that does the job but to develop software that
"does the job right"!

eSoftwWorldWide was founded in 2013 as the new software division of ezTechDirect to better support our customers.. With multiple projects in production at this time we will be releasing a number of new products in the coming year so please continue to visit our site for exciting new releases.

Our newest product the eDataProcessing Service is now available to meet all your needs for automated file processing. Please view our eDataProcessing Service page for more information.

Over the past four years, we have taken a leading role in supporting our area school students in TSA and other National and International competitions. We are proud of the effort all students put into their various projects. We had a part in seeing students win local and state competions, place high nationally and even had one team win an international competion to Germany.


eSoftwWorldWide is an American company with all of our support staff and development teams located in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area. When your business works with the eSoftwWorldWide team, you are supported by good old-fashioned American ingenuity.

We recruit and develop local talent and maintain our office in the same community where we raise our families. When you work with eSoftWorldWide your entire project from conception through deployement is managed and developed locally.

Our entire team is based in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area and is dedicated to serving our customers first and foremost!

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“Ken is absolutley the best! In addition to being brilliant, he's creative and thinks out of the box. He is a treasured asset for our company! ”
Debbie Cunningham, President at Archive Reporting & Captioning Service, Inc.
“Ken has done a great job in setting up our computer system in our new office and keeping us up and running. Also he has set up a great web site for us.”
Paul Peffley, Owner, San-Pef Inc.
“Ken has built a successful IT service firm that excels at keeping clients connected in their businesses. As a business owner himself, Ken understands the value of lost time due to an IT glitch. He always responds promptly to our concerns and provides insight on how to streamline Internet efficiences for every area of a business. ”
Anne Deeter Gallaher , Owner, Deeter Gallaher Group LLC